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Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

That's me! (:

I'm 15 yearsyoung. I'm Taken; deal with it. I also get jealousy easily, but you'll never see me cry over it. I'm usualllly outgoing and funny :D I go out ofmy way to make an idiot out of myself, which makes people smile :) I truly am a little kid, I rarely take anything seriously. If I have to I willl,. I never really had achildhood, so I do stupid things as if i'm re-living goodtimes. i lovelovelove justin bieber, im gonna marry him soon. in about 5 or 10 years, dude .. ;D haha ! ♥ :) I have a fairly good reputation - I will never degrade myself and physically fight you. you can cross me ; it will bring you hell. I try to solve other peoples problems,
and pray that mine will just go away. i have no problem telling anyone what they look like, or how i really feel about them. I'm not fuckless scared of scary movies! I love watching 'em w/ mybestfrand [: my bestfriend is my fave girl. I know her since 10 years and im thankful. We are like sisters, more than sisters .. i would say twins. shes my everything. thank god. Sweta♥. waaaaah we had a lot of fun andwe saw a lot of nice things, 2gehter. :* i love her. I will always put her before anyone, but my family is #1 NOBODY CAN TAKE THEM AWAY. I love them more than anyone on this whole planet. anywaysss, I will burst out singing or dancing! I haven't a perfect singing voice, but that's kay(: when people message me saying 'whatsup' & 'who are you' it infuriates me. That's how pointless it is :| I also love if you'd wriite me a nice comment I could keep forever ♥. that's riiight !! Btw I also have Twitter; follow me: @FreakyAnna

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